“As I finished my set at last summer’s Breakaway Music Festival, my sole focus was on the enormous sea of people screaming in front of me. I completely froze in this amazing moment and thought to myself, “this is me, this where I belong, this is where I have always belonged!” People move me and I believe that I was meant to move people.  Today the Governor shut down my state. Everything!  We are no longer permitted to be here, there or anywhere. I feel very lost.” – LONDIN, March 23, 2020

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cleveland became a ghost town. In a city famous for its musical roots, clubs closed, concert venues shuttered, shows were cancelled; the sounds became silent. A week later, a lonely LONDIN uploaded a clip of her debut single – “Wish It Would Rain” – to TikTok.  With millions of views in a matter of hours and fan comments by none other than Millie Bobby Brown and Meghan Trainor, LONDIN became an overnight artistic sensation.  It is astonishing how quickly people all over the world can bear witness to one’s unique ability to move people and as this young woman touched the nerves of millions, nearly every record company took notice.  Her raw innocence and ability to self-reflect are traits that we are all yearning for at this moment.

Born, raised and homeschooled in Cleveland, Ohio, LONDIN sees the world through a lens of freedom and fantasy.  She began writing songs at 8-years-old as a way to put her dreams and reverie to paper. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Bread, Lana Del Ray, Justin Bieber and others, she gained confidence in her songwriting sensibilities and singing abilities.  The more videos she uploaded to YouTube, the bigger her dreams became. 

As she entered public high school, the presence of these early videos became a source of bullying.  Distraught, terrified and depressed, LONDIN pulled everything down and abandoned singing and songwriting altogether.

A few years later, LONDIN found herself at the crossroads of a journey that so many teens face.  “Everyone wanted me to go to college and pursue my passion for fashion,” LONDIN recalled. 

“I was torn at the seams. My love for music never vanished, but the pressure to go to college was immense.  Quitting music was a major regret and as I reflected further, I was not about to let go of that dream. I was not about to let negative forces in this world push me away from what I was born to do. This is who I am. This is where I belong. And so, I went for it.”

From that moment, LONDIN never looked back. And today, not even a global pandemic can hold her back.