Q&A With Rory Johnston, Senior Director of Music, N.Y. Office

Rory Johnston

Title: Senior Director, Music

Years at Elevation: 5

Hometown: Long Beach, N.Y.

Hobbies and interests: Golf, surfing and music.

Childhood ambition: To see the world. (All of it.)

Best advice you’ve ever received? Treat people well and you’ll be treated well in return.

First job: Architect’s assistant on a construction site.

Pet peeves: People who hang you up and waste your time.

Favorite book/movie: Current Book: The Stolen Village. Movie: A Christmas Story (around this time of year).

Favorite local restaurant: Jimmy Hayes Steakhouse in Island Park, N.Y.

What do you enjoy most about your work? The people I work with both within Elevation and outside.

What would people never guess you do in your role? Be a therapist to artists.

First significant memory at Elevation: Meeting the Elevation team on my first visit to Cleveland with Anuna.

What led you to the marketing industry? For me it’s the music business and I knew I was going to be in it before I got to high school.

Advice for aspiring marketing pros? Pick your targets wisely.