Oh, the Places We Go: Elevation's Travel Tips

Each year Elevation travels to events in five countries, nearly 70 cities and more than 40 states racking up countless miles in the air and on the road. We would like to think that makes each of us a bit of a travel guru. Take a look at our tips for simplifying life on the road.

Pack Light… First and foremost pack light, but always make sure you have at least a light rain jacket or pullover for those unexpected rain showers and cold fronts (especially on the west coast of Ireland). 

Snack Sack… Be sure to pack a few snacks for the flight and on the road between travel and meetings. Protein bars, snack bars or whatever you like that has a bit of protein in it to help keep your energy level up. With that in mind, make sure you have gum or mints handy! 

Be Charged… There is no way to gauge how long you won’t have access to a power outlet, so make sure your electronic devices are well charged and be sure to pack appropriate chargers - car and wall units (including international converters).

TSA Precheck… At the airport use TSA Precheck. This is a huge time and stress saver. There are shorter lines, no unpacking and repacking your laptop and liquids, and you can keep your shoes and jacket on. It makes security checkpoints much easier and there is a lesser chance of losing or forgetting your gear.

Freshen Up… Find a hotel near your client’s office with free wi-fi and clean restrooms in the lobby to freshen up before meetings.

Utilize Apps… There are great apps out there that can help make travel much simpler. Airline and rental car apps keep you moving in the right direction with gate updates, mobile boarding passes, etc. Google Maps and Mapquest (though we know for sure they won’t work so well in places like Scotland) are also great to ensure you are traveling the best route to your destination. In addition, use the GasBuddy app to find gas stations near the airport on the way to return your rental car.

Dropbox… When working on the road one doesn’t always have immediate access to their laptop, so save important files on your Dropbox app to review from your phone or other small electronic devices.

Have Fun… Last but not least, enjoy it. Map Muse’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives app will help you steer clear of chain restaurants and take you to the places featured on Food Network’s "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" with Guy Fieri. Check out the local sites and landmarks, and show your friends on social media how cool your job is.