Helpful Hints for Reducing Stress

Event coordinators and PR executives have been ranked two of the top-10 most stressful jobs in America by CareerCast for the fourth consecutive year. Here at Elevation, we’re no strangers to tight deadlines, longhours and last-minute projects that make your head spin. It takes a certain type of personality to make it in this business. You have to be willing to roll with the punches and press on. 

So what’s the key to making it through those high stress days? Well there is no universal answer, but here are a few suggestions from your friends at Elevation.

  • Eat and sleep... Yes, we know how difficult it is to manage these simple survival skills, but if you plan ahead you can make it work. If you’re in the office, plan your meals and pack your lunch. Keep snacks in your desk or travel bag. Skip the late night shows and go to bed earlier.
  • Office therapy... If a certain work project is stressing you out, talk it out with your co-workers. They may have experienced the same situation and can provide a solution.
  • Play music... It’s amazing what music can do for your mood.
  • Take a walk... Sometimes you just need some fresh air and natural light. Get out from under those fluorescents and stretch your legs.
  • Don’t procrastinate... The longer you wait to tackle whatever is causing you stress, the more pressure you pile on yourself. Take care of it right away and move forward.
  • Take time for yourself... Whether it’s working out, visiting the spa or going to a movie, a little “me” time can go a long way. Try to spend two to three hours each week doing something for you. It will help you refocus and be more productive. And put away the phone!
  • Hydrate... Drinking more water throughout the day can help reduce fatigue and headaches. Divide your body weight by half and aim for that many ounces of water intake.