Back to the Basics: Business Etiquette

Back to the Basics: Business Etiquette

Becky Schaefer

Showing quality business etiquette can turn a good professional into a great professional. These days many people overlook the small details that can really make a difference in their business. I worked in the hotel industry throughout my college years and the experience helped me build a solid foundation in customer service. To be noticed and known in this industry, you’ve got to have the whole package. Don’t just get the job done; do it with sincere gratitude, appreciation and respect for those around you.

Here are a few reminders to keep your business etiquette in check.

  1. Send a ‘Thank You’ note. This simple form of gratitude has become lost among the transition of generations. Many people don’t realize the impact a quick note of appreciation does in the long run. 
  2. Learn names. Taking the time to remember those around you helps form a stronger support system in any operation. Acknowledging someone by name shows respect for the person they are and gratefulness for their work.
  3. Put away your phone! Show some courtesy and be in the moment. Put your phone away during meetings and meals. Take the time to listen to the other person. Chances are they spent a lot of time and energy into their presentation and you owe it to them to give your undivided attention.
  4. Be on time. My dad always told me, “If you’re five minutes early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, then you’ve lost the business.” We’re all busy, but being punctual shows you value the other person’s time.
  5. Introduce others. When in doubt, always introduce the people around you. It makes people feel valued and shows the importance of your working relationship.